Simone is headquartered in New York City. Establishing her art advisory in 2011, she maintains a diverse clientele across the United States and abroad. Simone invests the time and attention required to build a collection that is exciting, personal, passionate, challenging and enlightening.


The origin of all new client relationships begins with an in-depth, one-on-one, confidential conversation designed to understand the client’s tastes and interests. From here, artists and artworks are envisioned, researched and sourced. Looking and experiencing are an active part of Simone’s philosophy, as a result, clients are encouraged to attend galleries, museum shows and art fairs with Simone to become fluent visually and emotionally in connecting with art. Over time, Simone is able to work independently on the client’s behalf, serving as eyes and ears on her daily travels in the art world.


Simone works with a select group of published Interior Designers in the acquisition of art for domestic and corporate settings. Simone understands and respects the desire to complete a project efficiently and conscientiously, while maintaining a unique and personalized environment.


The significance of bridging the gap between historical and contemporary art is a personal insight and passion evident in Simone’s curating. Through special curatorial projects and exhibitions, Simone endorses the ideology that contemporary artists are not only making history but also joining history.